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Committee Meeting 24 January 2023
Five Lamps Junction additional pedestrian crossing 
The Neighbourhood Board considered if traffic signal protection could be extended to include the one currently un-signalled pedestrian crossing (from the Kedleston/Duffield Road pavement to the central island), but it was thought there would be no funding available. We will continue to press this matter. 
New planters in Strutt’s Park 
The Neighbourhood Board has indicated that there might be funding to provide some planters/hanging baskets in our area, but only if local residents undertook to maintain them. If any local residents are prepared to be involved, please let the Secretary know so that, if there are enough offers, the people can be put in touch with each other and the Neighbourhood Board can be informed. 
Planning matters 
Further apparent infringements of planning rules in the area have been referred to the City Council Enforcement team by the SPRA and remain under active consideration. 
Strutt’s Park Conservation Area interpretation Boards 
The SPRA committee is putting a proposal to the Ward Councillors for a new board at the bottom of Arthur Street, for the refurbishment of the S. Alkmund’s Well board and for the replacement of the scratched ‘Margaret Street’ plate at the east end of the road. 
Social Events 
The SPRA committee is intending to hold its second ‘Open Gardens’ event on Saturday 3 June 2023, so we will looking to local residents nearer the time to offer their gardens for inclusion. We are also happy to consider organising other social events, if any of you have ideas for the form they might take. Please let the Secretary know. 
2023 AGM 
This will be held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 19 April 2023 at S. Mary’s Parish Hall, Darley Street. There will be more details later, but put the date in your diary and come along if you are able. The committee is still keen to recruit new members to its ranks! 
Next committee meeting 
The next meeting of the SPRA committee will be on Wednesday 29 March 2023. Please let the Secretary know in good time if there are any matters SPRA members would particularly like the committee to consider.
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