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Committee Meeting
Key points from meeting of 2 August 2022

Reporting Dog Fouling, Bins on Streets etc. 
Although committee members and others are working to bring about change in these intractable areas, our efforts would be assisted if members of the public can report instances that they observe, especially if they can include photographs of the problem. Report incidents to the Public Protection Officers at: 
Autumn 2022 Newsletter 
The editor is looking for content to include in the next SPRA newsletter. If any of you would like to contribute an article or item of local interest, please contact the Secretary. 
Open Gardens, 2 July 2022 
Our first attempt at this event proved to be a great success. Seven gardens were open and all received a steady flow of visitors on what proved to be a damp afternoon. This is something we hope to repeat in future years, so, nearer the time, we would welcome offers of extra gardens to include. We will probably aim for a Saturday afternoon in June next year, when gardens are generally at their most colourful. 
Traffic disruption caused by A38 Junction works 
It is not yet clear when these works will begin on site, but it is very clear that the traffic restrictions at the junctions during the work will cause increased traffic on other routes, notably Kedleston and Duffield Roads and Belper Road as a rat run. If anyone would like to volunteer to help out with ‘pre disruption’ and ‘during disruption’ traffic counts on Belper Road in the busy periods, please let the Secretary know so that we can call upon your services when we have some more definite dates. 
Climate Change control measures in a Conservation Area 
Although there are currently no local guidelines for us in Strutt’s Park, the committee is going to research this matter further. 
Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) 
Concern about the proliferation of new HMO conversions is spreading to other parts of Derby. The three Darley Ward Councillors are on board with this, but the procedure for implementing controls is being made to seem very arduous in Derby, which is not the case in other local authority areas. The SPRA committee is working with City Councillors to find a way of introducing controls more rapidly, before the rate of conversion gets out of hand. 
Neighbourhood Board issues 
The SPRA representative on the Neighbourhood Board is pressing issues of Strutt’s Park concern very strongly. There is the possibility of funding for a Strutt’s Park interpretation board. 
Next committee meeting 
The next meeting of the SPRA committee will be on Tuesday 4 October 2022. Please let the Secretary know in good time if there are any matters SPRA members would particularly like the committee to consider. 
Clive Lemmon 
Secretary to SPRA 
Tel: 01332 341476 
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