Beautiful Mosaic Unveiled in Darley Park
A fine morning on July 12th saw the unveiling of the Mosaic in the Hydrangea Garden in Darley Park.

The ceremony was marked by the presence of the Mayor of Derby Linda Winter unveiling the mosaic, and Andy Potter of Radio Derby assisted and recorded the event.

There was a short introduction by Tania Pells of DerwentWISE, and there were many of the young children from Walter Evans School present who had worked on the project.

The artist who created the mosaic, Amanda Wray, was there to interpret the design.

The mosaic reflects the many activities that take place in the park, past and present.

The Evans family who built the Darley Abbey Mills are recorded with “ Thank Evans”, a clever play on words, with an unravelled cotton bobbin, together with the Boars Head emblem of Walter Evan’s Mills.

The river is shown, with all the various activities associated with it, such as rowing and fishing. The park itself reflects running, cycling, walking, picnics and games and of course the gardens themselves.

There are butterflies, trees, hydrangeas and also the banana palm. There were people at the ceremony, including myself, who remembered the banana palm in the greenhouses that were in the garden many years ago.

The majority of the Hydrangea Collection, the largest in Britain, and the third largest in the world, is open all year round. The walled garden, which houses many more examples of these beautiful shrubs, is open from July to October, and is well worth a visit.

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