Darley Mobility Hub
As part of the move to electric vehicles the City Council is intending to site six EV charge points on Wheeldon Avenue, Statham Street and White Street - opposite the shops on Kedleston Road.

Their road show to introduce the charge points will be on Saturday 18 June, from 12 noon - 4 pm outside the shops and at St Alkmunds Church.

Details of the proposal can be found here and here.

Local Issues
Our recent Residents’ Survey highlighted people’s desire to improve our local environment. SPRA is currently seeking to get action on the following issues.  

Houses in Multiple Occupation

SPRA members are concerned about the increase in numbers of houses being converted to bed-sits – houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). 
We would be grateful for your help in pressurizing our local Councillors on this issue.  
We are proposing that the Council introduce an “Article 4 Direction” that would require planning permission to be obtained for conversions to HMOs. 
Over 70 local authorities have already taken this power – including all other university towns.  You can read more here

Dog Fouling
Darley Park is a fantastic local asset unfortunately blighted by dog mess which is also a problem on surrounding pavements. The City Council have introduced a Public Space Protection Order to address dog fouling which gives Public Protection Officers powers to challenge dog owners and fine those without an ability to clean up dog mess. 
So that we can tackle this please let our Public Protection Officers know via the City Council's myAccount.
Bins on pavements
The numbers of rubbish bins left out continues to increase making it difficult for pedestrians, wheel-chairs, baby buggies and mobility scooters, often exacerbated by people parking on the pavements. SPRA has been pressurizing councillors to address the problem and ensure that only those who cannot remove their bins leave them out.
What we do
SPRA (Strutt’s Park Residents' Association) was set up in 1992 to provide a voice for local residents. The Association seeks to improve local amenities and preserve and promote the character of the area.  We aim to encourage a sense of community and increase awareness of the area.

Membership is open to all residents but we are happy to receive feedback and suggestions from anyone interested in Strutt’s Park. We are always keen to welcome new members.  Anyone wishing to join our committee – contact our secretary Clive Lemmon for details.
SPRA’s Committee meets every couple of months to discuss issues raised by residents and items of local concern. The key points from the latest meeting can be seen here and the archive is here.
We hold an annual general meeting every spring to elect the Committee and discuss the main topics of local interest and concern. You can find the minutes of the our AGMs here.
Our newsletter is produced annually. You find the last newsletter and copies of previous issues here.  We are always happy to receive articles and suggestions.
Contacts and Information
Contact the Committee - via SPRA's Secretary

Comments and corrections on the website to: joan_dutton@mail.com

Darley Ward councillors
Carmel Swan
Martin Repton
Alison Martin

Our Public Protection Officer: Caroline.mapp@derby.gov.uk
Current Planning Applications

City Council public services: Street Pride
Darley Neighbourhood Team and local Board web page
The City Council's report on the Conservation Area
Strutt's Park Residents' Association Facebook page
Strutts Park Comunity Facebook page
Local Interest
Our newsletters have featured local famous people – Dr Morrow Brown who can be thanked for the inhaler to help asthma sufferers, Marion Adnams, a renowned artist who lived on Otter Street.  John Smith, founder of the world famous Smith of Derby clock works lived in a large house located on the land of Queen Mary Court area, off Duffield Road.
As with many districts Strutt’s Park occupies land owned by the Strutts - a family of 18 century industrialists who amassed their fortune following Richard Arkwright in setting up mills in the Derwent valley and who lived in St Helen's House.

Many people will know the area as ‘Five Lamps’ - a name acquired from the distinctive lamp standard erected at the junction of Duffield and Belper Roads.

We welcome information on local events and special features.  These can be shared via the Facebook page of our local Community Group which provides local news and items of interest.
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